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Day 355/365 -I love to sing!

Singing is my favorite thing to do.

However, singing was a very scary thing for me to do in the beginning. Those who have known me longest and best will know that my mom is THE singer of all singers. Every church my mom sang at, my siblings and I were asked by strangers, “Do you sing too???” I can’t speak for my brothers and sister, but this intimidated me SO MUCH. We would always just shake our heads “No” when people asked us about it. Mom never pressured us to sing, which was great. And my sister must not have been as scared as I was, because she began singing at church and in choirs pretty early on. But for me…I just couldn’t.

It wasn’t until I was 21 and living in South Carolina, that I finally sang in public. I don’t really know how it happened. My sister had a CD accompaniment track to a song that was meant for two people, and she knew my brother-in-law’s voice wouldn’t be well-suited to this song. She asked me if I would sing it with her, even though I’m pretty certain she hadn’t heard me sing much, even in private, because I was so self-conscious about it. However, that certain something within me made me say “Yes” to my sister and I made my debut, singing a duet with her at the church were attending at the time. It was definitely a defining moment in my life.

I could go on and on about singing, but just suffice it to say: once I started singing, I’ve never been able to stop.


Day 354/365 -I loved rekindling my love for the “photographic drive-by”!

Phew! That was a mouthful!

Honestly, it’s been awhile since I just drove around until something caught my eye and, consequently, made me want to stop my car to photograph it. I did just that though on 354/365, and it felt good!

I originally headed towards the Albert Cook building in order to snap a photo of the character on their building – it fills me with mirth. But rather quickly, my eye was drawn to the old gas pump that was behind the chain link fence at the plumbing company. And then, my mind quickly formed the idea for the diptych you in today’s posting. This definitely wasn’t what I had in mind when I hopped in the car with my camera that day, but it just goes to show you that you never know what you’ll be inspired to photograph if you just get out there!

Day 353/365 – I love Mallory’s eyes!

Mallory has AMAZING eyes. They inspire me, photographically speaking. She and I were standing in a parking lot after dinner last week, and I realized her eyes deserved a spot in this Project before it came to a close.

And, admittedly, I’m not sure this photo quite does Mallory’s peepers justice. You really should take a gander at photos I took of her a few months ago, if you haven’t before. I think you’ll see what I’m going on about.

Day 352/365 – I loved playing catch-up with Kelsey!

My friend Kelsey just finished her freshman year at college, waaaaaay out in North Carolina. I had not seen her since she left last summer, so I was EXTRA delighted to that were able to get together for dinner last week. We had a lot of catching up to do, I enjoyed our time together, and I certainly look forward to seeing more of Kelsey while she’s home for the summer!

Day 351/365 – I love the necklace Clark got for me!

I have some pretty big changes coming up, including, but not limited to leaving Memphis* for a bit, to spend some time with my family and work on exploring what I might be able to accomplish if I tried to build up some freelance photography work (speaking of which, did you know I am a photographer for hire? heh heh…)

But on to the point of this post: My dear friend Clark told me he was getting me a little pressie that goes along with my upcoming endeavors. I asked him if it a squeegee and bottle of Windex, in case I ended up washing windshields in Midtown for a living. I never got a definitive answer to this question. Hmph.

As it turns out, Clark’s surprise for me was this sweet necklace! And it is just PERFECT! My heart is warmed and, honestly, it just means so much to me because I am virtually biting my nails over what the future holds for me. I feel like this pendant : me :: Kat’s pie pendant : her [I threw in an SAT-style analogy for you guys, because I like ’em…] What I mean by that is: it’s just right.

I wanted to publicly thank Clark for giving this to me. Thank you, Clark! I love it!

*Don’t worry. Although I am moving to Mississippi for a bit, I happen to be an expert at being both Memphis-based AND a resident of Mississippi. That may not make much sense, but trust me: It’s a special talent of mine…I am not out of you folks’ lives just yet!


I played with your heart,  got lost in the game.

What really happened was,  I pressed the “pause” button on “Amanda Loves” again. I was zeroing in on the home stretch of my 365 project, which fell simultaneously with some [good] events in my life that made me feel spread too thin. Rather than sacrifice the last days of “Amanda Loves” to half-hearted efforts  because there weren’t enough hours in the day, I decided to push pause and pick it back up when I felt the time was right. I know, I am the weirdest “Project 365” participant ever. But I’ve just been trying to keep things real!

And with that said, this Project is officially back!


Day 350/365 – I love these wee bitty cookies and cream cupcakes!

I was in the mood to bake some mini cupcakes…It’d been a few years since I’d made cookies and cream minis, so I thought that would be a good place to start. You oughta know by now how much I love things which I would categorize as “just precious,” and I think these minis fall into that category. My favourite red cupcake liners + one of my favorite types of cupcakes to make = crazy awesome! I was pleased as punch at the way these turned out!

Day 349/365 – I loved Good Friday!

Good Friday was a good day, fo sho.

This is one of those “Day in the Life” posts of mine…

It began with my sister, brother-in-law, niece [who was playing  hooky from school!], Clark, and I having a wonderful lunch at Soul Fish here in Cooper-Young.  Melissa and Jason had never been there before, and AM had been wanting to us all to go there together ever since she and I went last summer. We looooove that place!

Clark had to bid us adieu after lunch, so we were just “us four and no more” for the rest of the afternoon. The photo above was taken at our second stop: Yolo, Midtown. This is one of AM’s very favorite places to visit in Memphis, and she was keen to take her dad there for the first time. She knows how much he loves his sweets!

The third stop on our Good Friday Tour of Awesomeness was Burke’s Books. AM needed to spend a gift certificate I’d gotten her for Valentine’s Day. AM is such an avid reader [perhaps we’ll take about that in future edition of “Amanda Loves”…] and always gets so much bang for her buck at Burke’s. Going to Burke’s was another “first” for Jason, and I’m thinking he enjoyed it because he didn’t exactly leave there empty handed himself.

Bonus shot: AM outside Burke’s, with the bounty of books she purchased!

I parted ways with my family after we’d finished up at Burke’s. I mentioned that I was going to Lit, and asked Jason if he needed anything for an upcoming catering event. He said “Probably…” in his usual, VAGUE way. And that was that! I went on down to Lit, and my family went on back to Mississippi! And I was thrilled to bits with how well our day together had gone.

When I arrived at Lit, I was walking around the place, turned around, and I saw a very familiar little red-haired girl…What a wonderful surprise! Running into my family, after I thought our day together had drawn to a close! Of course, it was no surprise to Jason that we’d ran into each other, since he knew that we’d all be there at the same time. That didn’t mean the rest of it didn’t enjoy unexpectedly crossing paths though!

What a good good GOOD Friday it was!

Day 348/365 -I love the “psychic” signage at work!

I just got my hair cut. I found it no coincidence that my first day back at work after the haircut, there was a new piece of art by the bathroom mirror that said “Hello Good Looking.” Because I knew I was looking good, and so did this sign! Coincidence? I think not!

Day 347/375 – I love BBQ tofu sandwiches from Tracks!

Listen, ya’ll: this picture was a long time in the making. It seemed that every time I went to Tracks for a BBQ tofu sandwich, I would get so excited to eat the sandwich that I’d forget to take a picture of it first! I’d finish the sandwich and say “Dang it! I forgot to photograph it AGAIN!” Or I’d forget my camera. Or it would be took dark in the restaurant to make a photo. Poor, pitiful me just kept  having to go back again and again, ordering BBQ tofu sandwiches, waiting until the planets aligned and allowed me to get a halfway decent shot of the sandwich. Imagine all those sandwiches I had to eat, just for you, the readers of “Amanda Loves.” What I won’t do for my public…