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Day 361/365 -I love this…

361/365 was my last day at the bakery. I couldn’t figure out how to sum things up with a picture that night. The only thing I could come up with was to photograph this note Kat put on the staff’s “Mad Props” board awhile back. Yes, I worked at an establishment where the owner gave me “mad props” because I have a streak of hair that is dyed purple.


Day 340/365 – I love Kat’s pie necklace!

It took me awhile to notice this necklace one day when Kat was running around the bakery wearing it – and when I did notice it, I thought “Well isn’t that the most ‘Kat’ thing ever?!” I asked where she’d gotten it, and, as I suspected, she said “Etsy.” It’s a pie pendant from Etsy. If that doesn’t have “Kat” written all over it, I don’t know what does!

Day 336/365 – I loved finding this copy of Little Toot at work!

I haven’t ever read Little Toot, but it is still a childhood favorite.

That’s because the story of Little Toot was part of a collection of musical shorts made by Disney called Melody Time. This program was one we Raneys watched over and over as it was aired on The Disney Channel when we were growing up.

I was cleaning up the dining room at work late on 336/365, and was feeling quite tired from the volume of traffic we’d received that day. When I was putting away books and magazines that customers had been using whilst sitting in the shop, I found this book on one of the tables in the dining area. You don’t know what good it did my spirits to see Little Toot. All those warm memories of Melody Time came back to me, and pretty much dissolved the stress I’d been feeling.

I’m very thankful that I ran across this book that night. It warmed my heart so very much.

Day 334/365 – I loved the “miracle duckie” at work!

Have you gathered yet by reading this blog that I’m an extremely silly person?

On 334/365, I was at work and one of the bakers, Chris, was making red velvets on the kitchen island behind me. I had been folding bakery boxes during that time. When I went to move the boxes over to the shelf where they belong, I saw this splotch of red dye on one: and it was formed PERFECTLY into the shape of a duck! Even with the “beak” being slightly lighter in contrast to the rest of the duck. I felt as excited as people who think they see Jesus in their toast! We all got a big kick out of the appearance of the “miracle duckie” because it was so close to Easter. I was showing it off to everyone!

It was very silly but very fun for me!

Day 331/365 – I love the Reindeer Cake at Muddy’s!

I hope you won’t file this post under “intolerable cruelty” when you realize that I’m bringing to your attention a cake that is only available during the month of December at Muddy’s. However, I just HAD to bring this gem out of the “silent months” and tell you about this cake.

Let’s see…Dark gingerbread cake? Rich caramel icing? Um, YES PLEASE! What’s not to love???

I began working at Muddy’s in the holiday season of ’09, and Reindeer Cake was one of my first loves there. In fact, I worked Christmas Eve ’09 and was happily taking home a couple of Reindeer Cake slices after the shop closed that day. I was never more heartbroken than when I realized I’d left my cake slices outside in the rain before I drove home to Mississippi to be with my family! And knowing it would be a full year before this cake would again light up my life/taste buds was gut-wrenching! I think I tried to tell my fam about this amazing cake, but there was no way to truly convey the deliciousness of Reindeer Cake until a year had passed, it appeared on the menu again, and I was able to say “See, what did I tell ya??”

(I have it on good authority that Thomas, Kat’s fella and the brain behind Eat Local Memphis , was the inspiration for this particular flavor combo. If you run into him, I think he deserves a hand shake or a solid high five once you’ve tried and fallen in love with Reindeer Cake!)

Day 318/365 – I love seeing Anna Marie’s “thank you” note!

I have something REAAAAALY mushy to tell you (and a not-so-high-quality photo, obviously!)

I think anyone who reads this blog on a “semi reg-LUH*” basis has to know one thing about me, above all else: I miss my niece 24/7 when I am not with her. It’s painful. But there is something I have been able to do while at work the past year or so: Go look at the note AM sent Kat after our company bowling party last year. Seeing AM’s little handwriting does that combo move of both breaking my heart me and reviving my heart (people who have had children in their lives, growing up before their very eyes, probably understand this.)

So on 318/365, I went into the office and took this poor quality camera phone picture, because I really needed it that night.

Day 314/365 – I love Holly’s necklaces!

Every day Holly is at work, she has a myriad of necklaces around her neck. She knows that I love this, and I was so glad she obliged me when I pulled her aside for a moment to photograph her necklace collection on 314/365. I hopes she is pleased with this homage to her eclectic mixture of necklaces!

Day 313/365 – I love Kathleen’s new cowboy boots!

Yes siree, Bob! I sure do love Kathleen’s cowboy boots. She got them on a recent trip to the Great State of Texas. You know, that makes them more legit (in my mind…) I’m a big fan of boots of many kinds, and I do find cowboy boots paired with a feminine skirt REALLY appealing. I saw Kathleen’s garb on 312/365, thought “Well played!,” and grabbed her for this photo before left the bakery for the day.

Day 307/365 – I loved this “prom proposal” at the bakery!

People use baked goods to celebrate all sorts of special occasions in their lives. Babies, wedding, birthdays – you name it. Muddy’s has helped in some marriage proposals in its day, too.  There was a new one on us the other day though: a prom proposal. I got to work, and was told that there was a young man who wanted to ask a girl to prom and wanted to use our cupcakes to do so. We were informed about when they’d be coming in, what he wanted to use for “proposal” and how we would help him pull it off: They were going to a movie that  night. He called that day to have the bakers write “PROM?” on some cupcakes. He planned on stealing away before they headed over to the bakery,  using that time to call the bake shop to let us know they were on their way and to let us know what he was wearing so we’d know which couple to present with the cupcakes. He planned to have his girl order the cupcakes she wanted, then when they went to check out at the register, we’d present the plate with his invitation to the prom on it. The plan went off without a hitch, and the girl was completely surprised!

And she said “yes,” of course!

Day 300/365* – I love this Stormtrooper jacket!

Pretty early in the day today, a customer came into Muddy’s wearing this Adidas jacket with a Stormtrooper fully covering the back. We discussed his jacket a little, and how we feel that being into Star Wars really doesn’t place people on the fringes of society anymore (you know, how it used to be considered “nerdy” by some to be a Star Wars devotee, from my understanding…)  I told the customer, “Well, I’m pretty much going to have to take a picture of your jacket.” He was totally down for this, and I’m glad he obliged me. I knew our resident and self-proclaimed “Star Wars Nerds” at Muddy’s would dig this jacket, plus I needed to show it to my niece**. 

*300 days?! Only 65 left. Yikes!
**We’ll talk about her “thing” for Star Wars in an episode of  “Amanda Loves” some other day.