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Category Archives: the "amanda loves" project

Day 364/365 -I love nights like these!

AM and I were watching cartoons on mom’s couch, when I looked over and thought how lovely her red hair looked on mom’s old-fashioned floral pillowcase.

I am glad to be home.


Day 363/365 – I love the Red, White, and Drew!


“Red, White, and Drew” is what popped into my head when I found out that Drew would be passing through for the evening on July 4th.

And not only am I glad I got to visit with him for a bit at dinner, I’m really happy that he obliged me when I told him I had  to take a photo with the above play on words as its title.

Thanks, Drew!

Day 362/365 – I loved this cooling rainstorm!

It’s no secret that Memphis in July = hot hot HOT! Therefore, this is not exactly the best time to time do something as physically taxing as, say, moving out of your apartment. Yet, this is the time for me to do just that.

After laboring all afternoon with my mother in my apartment, being in and out of the heat*, mom headed back to Mississippi. Shortly after that, a glorious thunderstorm rolled in. This storm had wonderful timing. It cooled off the temperature considerably, and it gave me the opportunity to look out all the windows of my apartment and watch one last storm before I move. It was…great.

*being in my apartment usually constitutes being in heat, for the record…

Day 361/365 -I love this…

361/365 was my last day at the bakery. I couldn’t figure out how to sum things up with a picture that night. The only thing I could come up with was to photograph this note Kat put on the staff’s “Mad Props” board awhile back. Yes, I worked at an establishment where the owner gave me “mad props” because I have a streak of hair that is dyed purple.

Day 360/365 -I love our Quote of the Week at work!

Granted, I personally chose this quote from the cards Kat compiled, and I put it in the pie plate for the featured “Quote of the Week” myself.  But that was only because it sums up beautifully the way I want to live my life. Not that I always get it right, but I try to be proactive in my own happiness. Good ole Abe said it best though: Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

And I’ve made up my mind that I’m going to be happy.

Day 359/365 – I love my leopard print tights!

My sister’s eyes got “real big” when she saw my tights at church the other night. I admit, they are a bit ostentatious by some standards, but I really love them! I don’t wear these tights often because they’re kinda loud and don’t go with a lot of my clothes. I like to break them out whenever I do get the chance though, because I feel so snazzy when I have these tights on!

Day 358/365 – I love that I stumbled upon this great mural!

On my way home from work on 358/365, I saw something I wanted to photograph. I needed to be on the other side of the road to do it though, and turned onto a side street so I could change the direction that I was driving. As I was making the block, I saw this awesome mural. I searched for information about it and found this blog entry by one of the artists involved with the mural. I don’t know anything about the Beltline Community, but I’m always interested in learning more about the neighborhoods/communities within Memphis.  I’m so glad I discovered this gem, especially since I had meant take a picture of something completely different that day!

Day 357/365 – I love my new “hipster cam”!

That’s what I’m calling this camera, as it’s from Urban Outfitters and probably tied up with the Lomographic Society somehow. While I would NEVER pay $48 for a Holga camera [the original selling price at Urban Outfitters for this model,] I did think the clearance price of $20 might make the investment worth my while. I even already thought of a photography project to do with this Holga 135. So, while part of me feels like “Oh my gosh, I’ve just made an official step towards hipster-dom,” another part of me says, “I’ve been shooting Holga since 2000*, so maybe I can have a little fun with this model, too.”

I’m sure you can watch Shoot With Personality for any results that I get from this camera…

*In case you were wondering, pointing out that you’ve been into a current trend WAY longer than other people is an official “hipster move.” I might be having to come to terms with who I am, if I find that many of my ways line up with hipster-dom…if I get an ironic mustache tattooed on my forefinger, you’ll know I’ve had some sort of identity crisis…

Day 356/365 – I love my sister’s purse!

I thought it was apropos to post a photo of my sister’s beautiful red purse, since another purse of hers was the original inspiration for this Project 365 [and by “purse of hers,” I mean “her purse, which I ganked…”]

It’s not often that my sister feels as if a purse is calling her name [unlike our mother, the purse maven!] So, when I heard that she had seen and felt a soul connection with this purse, I did not take it lightly. I was so glad when Mom told me that she and I were going to get this purse for Melissa. I have to say: this purse is poppin’! And even though red purses [and shoes] are my favorite, I haven’t yet stolen this purse from my sister. Maybe one day though!

Day 355/365 -I love to sing!

Singing is my favorite thing to do.

However, singing was a very scary thing for me to do in the beginning. Those who have known me longest and best will know that my mom is THE singer of all singers. Every church my mom sang at, my siblings and I were asked by strangers, “Do you sing too???” I can’t speak for my brothers and sister, but this intimidated me SO MUCH. We would always just shake our heads “No” when people asked us about it. Mom never pressured us to sing, which was great. And my sister must not have been as scared as I was, because she began singing at church and in choirs pretty early on. But for me…I just couldn’t.

It wasn’t until I was 21 and living in South Carolina, that I finally sang in public. I don’t really know how it happened. My sister had a CD accompaniment track to a song that was meant for two people, and she knew my brother-in-law’s voice wouldn’t be well-suited to this song. She asked me if I would sing it with her, even though I’m pretty certain she hadn’t heard me sing much, even in private, because I was so self-conscious about it. However, that certain something within me made me say “Yes” to my sister and I made my debut, singing a duet with her at the church were attending at the time. It was definitely a defining moment in my life.

I could go on and on about singing, but just suffice it to say: once I started singing, I’ve never been able to stop.