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Day 359/365 – I love my leopard print tights!

My sister’s eyes got “real big” when she saw my tights at church the other night. I admit, they are a bit ostentatious by some standards, but I really love them! I don’t wear these tights often because they’re kinda loud and don’t go with a lot of my clothes. I like to break them out whenever I do get the chance though, because I feel so snazzy when I have these tights on!


Day 351/365 – I love the necklace Clark got for me!

I have some pretty big changes coming up, including, but not limited to leaving Memphis* for a bit, to spend some time with my family and work on exploring what I might be able to accomplish if I tried to build up some freelance photography work (speaking of which, did you know I am a photographer for hire? heh heh…)

But on to the point of this post: My dear friend Clark told me he was getting me a little pressie that goes along with my upcoming endeavors. I asked him if it a squeegee and bottle of Windex, in case I ended up washing windshields in Midtown for a living. I never got a definitive answer to this question. Hmph.

As it turns out, Clark’s surprise for me was this sweet necklace! And it is just PERFECT! My heart is warmed and, honestly, it just means so much to me because I am virtually biting my nails over what the future holds for me. I feel like this pendant : me :: Kat’s pie pendant : her [I threw in an SAT-style analogy for you guys, because I like ’em…] What I mean by that is: it’s just right.

I wanted to publicly thank Clark for giving this to me. Thank you, Clark! I love it!

*Don’t worry. Although I am moving to Mississippi for a bit, I happen to be an expert at being both Memphis-based AND a resident of Mississippi. That may not make much sense, but trust me: It’s a special talent of mine…I am not out of you folks’ lives just yet!


Day 349/365 – I loved Good Friday!

Good Friday was a good day, fo sho.

This is one of those “Day in the Life” posts of mine…

It began with my sister, brother-in-law, niece [who was playing  hooky from school!], Clark, and I having a wonderful lunch at Soul Fish here in Cooper-Young.  Melissa and Jason had never been there before, and AM had been wanting to us all to go there together ever since she and I went last summer. We looooove that place!

Clark had to bid us adieu after lunch, so we were just “us four and no more” for the rest of the afternoon. The photo above was taken at our second stop: Yolo, Midtown. This is one of AM’s very favorite places to visit in Memphis, and she was keen to take her dad there for the first time. She knows how much he loves his sweets!

The third stop on our Good Friday Tour of Awesomeness was Burke’s Books. AM needed to spend a gift certificate I’d gotten her for Valentine’s Day. AM is such an avid reader [perhaps we’ll take about that in future edition of “Amanda Loves”…] and always gets so much bang for her buck at Burke’s. Going to Burke’s was another “first” for Jason, and I’m thinking he enjoyed it because he didn’t exactly leave there empty handed himself.

Bonus shot: AM outside Burke’s, with the bounty of books she purchased!

I parted ways with my family after we’d finished up at Burke’s. I mentioned that I was going to Lit, and asked Jason if he needed anything for an upcoming catering event. He said “Probably…” in his usual, VAGUE way. And that was that! I went on down to Lit, and my family went on back to Mississippi! And I was thrilled to bits with how well our day together had gone.

When I arrived at Lit, I was walking around the place, turned around, and I saw a very familiar little red-haired girl…What a wonderful surprise! Running into my family, after I thought our day together had drawn to a close! Of course, it was no surprise to Jason that we’d ran into each other, since he knew that we’d all be there at the same time. That didn’t mean the rest of it didn’t enjoy unexpectedly crossing paths though!

What a good good GOOD Friday it was!

Day 348/365 -I love the “psychic” signage at work!

I just got my hair cut. I found it no coincidence that my first day back at work after the haircut, there was a new piece of art by the bathroom mirror that said “Hello Good Looking.” Because I knew I was looking good, and so did this sign! Coincidence? I think not!

Day 332/365 – I love my new glasses! (Sneak Peek!)

I will certainly take a better photo of my new glasses, to keep you all updated on the latest in my eyewear news. But for now, here is a sneak peek at my new spectacles. I am loving them so far!

Day 306/365 – I love my vintage tripod!

I will be honest with you: I hadn’t thought of this tripod for quite some time, until I ran across it in the attic. But when I did, I immediately knew it had to become the subject of an “Amanda Loves.”

I bought this aluminum tripod off the internet many years ago – I’d say ’99 or 2000. I was drawn to the fact that it disassembled and stored neatly in a tube, not to mention that it’s vintage. I recently found this online, which seems to point to the tripod being from the late 40s. When I remembered that I owned this piece of photographic miscellany, I got very happy and put it to use with the Contax 645 I was borrowing. That camera is no featherweight, and the Tikern held it up, no problem. Then I just unscrewed the legs from the tripod base and put it away in its tube for storage. Gotta love it.


The tube the tripod in which the tripod is stored:


Day 271/365 – I love my new gloves!

If you’ve ever heard the old adage “cold hands, warm heart,” you might be familiar with its meaning: that people who are perceived as being “cool” on the exterior may be “warm” and caring on the inside. This phrase doesn’t apply to me in the traditional sense, but it does apply to me in the sense that my hands are freezing all winter long. Therefore, I’m big-time into wearing gloves. As a photographer, though, I have to be really particular about what type of gloves I wear. I have to be able to retain some dexterity for focusing my camera or adjusting exposure when I’m doing photography out in the cold weather.  I prefer convertible mittens/gloves but look at these cute fingerless mittens I just got! They’re fun, help my “cold hands” issue, and allow me to move my fingers freely when needed.  I’d say that’s a job well done!

Day 242 – I LOVE love LOVE my new scarf!

I had some of the pretty yarn leftover that I’d used to make my sister-in-law’s Christmas present. So I made myself a new little scarf with a button. I like it a lot! It’s soft and pretty and made me feel better in a way when I was home sick again.

(remember the scarf I knit that one day that had a button on it? Same concept!)

Day 213/365 – I love making my own birthday cake!

Some people think it’s odd that I make my own birthday cake most years upon the anniversary of my birth. However, I LOVE doing it! Firstly, I get exactly the type of cake I want (even if it’s cupcakes some years.) Secondly, I can write whatever the heck I want on top of the cake! This year, I wrote “Amanda is the!” Because I could. And because “the” has made it’s way into my vernacular since I began working at Muddy’s (I think its origins around the bake shop can be traced back to  Thomas…)

In case you were wondering, my birthday was quite nice. I worked all day, Kat and Kip made me a birthday hat to wear for the last hour of my shift, I had birthday dinner with my family at my favorite pizza place, and ate too much of my birthday cake. I relaxed in my old bedroom at my parents’ house that night, watching a movie that I knew would make me “birthday happy.” NO complaints about this year’s birthday!

Aaaaaand, a bonus:

Another example of a birthday cake I made myself, in 2007

Day 179/365 -I love cruising around Cooper-Young!

I’m not going on TOO many rides right now because of the heat. Plus, I’m new to this whole non-automobile transportation thing (it’s not that I’m out of shape, it’s just that I never was in shape in the first place!) But, man, I love hopping on my bike, throwing on my messenger bag (more on that another day!) and riding only as close or as far as I want to. I don’t have to have a destination every time, and very often don’t. The very essence of cruising!