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Day 363/365 – I love the Red, White, and Drew!


“Red, White, and Drew” is what popped into my head when I found out that Drew would be passing through for the evening on July 4th.

And not only am I glad I got to visit with him for a bit at dinner, I’m really happy that he obliged me when I told him I had  to take a photo with the above play on words as its title.

Thanks, Drew!


Day 353/365 – I love Mallory’s eyes!

Mallory has AMAZING eyes. They inspire me, photographically speaking. She and I were standing in a parking lot after dinner last week, and I realized her eyes deserved a spot in this Project before it came to a close.

And, admittedly, I’m not sure this photo quite does Mallory’s peepers justice. You really should take a gander at photos I took of her a few months ago, if you haven’t before. I think you’ll see what I’m going on about.

Day 352/365 – I loved playing catch-up with Kelsey!

My friend Kelsey just finished her freshman year at college, waaaaaay out in North Carolina. I had not seen her since she left last summer, so I was EXTRA delighted to that were able to get together for dinner last week. We had a lot of catching up to do, I enjoyed our time together, and I certainly look forward to seeing more of Kelsey while she’s home for the summer!

Day 337/365 – I loved spending this Sunday afternoon on the porch!

At the MLKR residence, there is one of the greatest front porches on which I have ever had the pleasure to sit. Porch-sitting is one of the favorite pastimes of Lea and Kathleen, and their house is just perfect for it! That’s why it was the perfect place for us to gather in celebration of dear Clark’s birthday. What was supposed to be justan afternoon of cookin’ out and dessert-eatin’ turned into a 10 hour porch-sittin’ session! We laughed SO much. It was one of the most awesome days ever!

Day 329/365 – I loved having dinner at Sekisui with Lea and Clark!

I’m just taking the opportunity to remember the dinner I had with Lea and Clark at Sekisui a couple of weeks ago. It’s always a lovely, laugh-filled evening any time we get together. Always always.

Day 323/365 – I love how ridiculous this kid is!

Josh has been on here once before, for his El Camino promos. If you read that post and look at the photos, maybe you already know that Josh is pretty awesome AND ridiculous. The photos from 323/365 continue that tradition and the tradition of “promos.” This was one of Josh’s “Bow tie promos.” Which is pretty RIDIC, but I don’t mind because I am one of the more ridiculous people I know. Kindred spirirts!

Day 321/365 – I loved being at While I Breathe, I Hope’s last show!

321/365 was my friends in While I Breathe, I Hope’s last show. It was so much fun! I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, and I am SO thankful my co-worker Kathleen switched shifts with me so I didn’t have to.

(I hate to make this one so brief, but it’s because so much more on this subject can be read on Shoot With Personality…)

Day 316/365 – I love the way my Lomo rendered this photo of Rachel!

Phew! That title seems kinda verbose. And I don’t usually just say “I love a so-and-so” photo on this blog, rather than saying I love the person or thing in the photo. But I looked at the shots I took on 316/365, and this one just stuck out to me. Rachel’s expression is great, but what’s also incredible is that my Lomo LC-A’s lens rendered this photo so sharp in just the right places. People who don’t know much about “toy cameras” (which I only marginally consider the LC-A to be) don’t know that they’re not exactly known for making reliably sharp photos. Once in awhile though, they surprise you and impress the heck outta you (or surprise me and impress the heck outta me.)  This photo did just that. I’d like to pat that Lomo on the back for this photo. You know, proverbially speaking…

Day 314/365 – I love Holly’s necklaces!

Every day Holly is at work, she has a myriad of necklaces around her neck. She knows that I love this, and I was so glad she obliged me when I pulled her aside for a moment to photograph her necklace collection on 314/365. I hopes she is pleased with this homage to her eclectic mixture of necklaces!

Day 313/365 – I loved my lovely afternoon with Lea!

Most any time when I’m talking about Lea, the word “lovely” is going to come up. I just think she is wonderful and lovely!

This lovely afternoon with Lea was afforded  me because my work schedule changed up that particular day, causing the two of us to go in for our shifts at the same time. Since it was a late afternoon shift, we somehow put our heads together and decided we should spend our pre-work afternoon with each other. It was a good decision. Lunch at the Pizza Cafe, shopping at Target, riding with the sunroof open, and finishing things off with a stop at Whole Foods – it was almost too beautiful a time to go into work at all! Having had such a lovely afternoon though made it a bit easier to dedicate the rest of our night to the J-O-B.