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Category Archives: camera stuff

Day 357/365 – I love my new “hipster cam”!

That’s what I’m calling this camera, as it’s from Urban Outfitters and probably tied up with the Lomographic Society somehow. While I would NEVER pay $48 for a Holga camera [the original selling price at Urban Outfitters for this model,] I did think the clearance price of $20 might make the investment worth my while. I even already thought of a photography project to do with this Holga 135. So, while part of me feels like “Oh my gosh, I’ve just made an official step towards hipster-dom,” another part of me says, “I’ve been shooting Holga since 2000*, so maybe I can have a little fun with this model, too.”

I’m sure you can watch Shoot With Personality for any results that I get from this camera…

*In case you were wondering, pointing out that you’ve been into a current trend WAY longer than other people is an official “hipster move.” I might be having to come to terms with who I am, if I find that many of my ways line up with hipster-dom…if I get an ironic mustache tattooed on my forefinger, you’ll know I’ve had some sort of identity crisis…


Day 351/365 – I love the necklace Clark got for me!

I have some pretty big changes coming up, including, but not limited to leaving Memphis* for a bit, to spend some time with my family and work on exploring what I might be able to accomplish if I tried to build up some freelance photography work (speaking of which, did you know I am a photographer for hire? heh heh…)

But on to the point of this post: My dear friend Clark told me he was getting me a little pressie that goes along with my upcoming endeavors. I asked him if it a squeegee and bottle of Windex, in case I ended up washing windshields in Midtown for a living. I never got a definitive answer to this question. Hmph.

As it turns out, Clark’s surprise for me was this sweet necklace! And it is just PERFECT! My heart is warmed and, honestly, it just means so much to me because I am virtually biting my nails over what the future holds for me. I feel like this pendant : me :: Kat’s pie pendant : her [I threw in an SAT-style analogy for you guys, because I like ’em…] What I mean by that is: it’s just right.

I wanted to publicly thank Clark for giving this to me. Thank you, Clark! I love it!

*Don’t worry. Although I am moving to Mississippi for a bit, I happen to be an expert at being both Memphis-based AND a resident of Mississippi. That may not make much sense, but trust me: It’s a special talent of mine…I am not out of you folks’ lives just yet!


Day 306/365 – I love my vintage tripod!

I will be honest with you: I hadn’t thought of this tripod for quite some time, until I ran across it in the attic. But when I did, I immediately knew it had to become the subject of an “Amanda Loves.”

I bought this aluminum tripod off the internet many years ago – I’d say ’99 or 2000. I was drawn to the fact that it disassembled and stored neatly in a tube, not to mention that it’s vintage. I recently found this online, which seems to point to the tripod being from the late 40s. When I remembered that I owned this piece of photographic miscellany, I got very happy and put it to use with the Contax 645 I was borrowing. That camera is no featherweight, and the Tikern held it up, no problem. Then I just unscrewed the legs from the tripod base and put it away in its tube for storage. Gotta love it.


The tube the tripod in which the tripod is stored:


Day 207/365 -I love the way my “new” lens looks on my Nikon FE!

I have been using an auto focus lens on my manual focus film body. This will mean not much to non-photogs, but to put it simply, the auto focus lens actually requires an extra step when setting the camera’s exposure before taking a photo. I decided to stop the madness, and get a lens actually meant to be used on a camera like my FE. I picked this sweet “pancake” one that’s so super compact, looks super classy on the camera body, and is similar to the one oddly being paid tribute to in this video.

And I guarantee you’ll be seeing shots from this lens in the coming days!

Day 188/365 – I loved “Anna Marie/Aunt Manda Day!” (July ’10 edition)

Anna Marie/Aunt Manda Days are my absolute FAVORITES!

The most current edition of the AM/Aunt M day included (but wasn’t limited to):

  • Lunch at Soul Fish Cafe!
  • Burke’s Books!
  • The Pink Palace!
  • Target for snacks!
  • Swimming at Mallory’s!
  • Jerry’s Sno Cones!
  • Home!

And, trust me, there are PUH-LENTY photos of this day together because I had my faithful Nikon film body in hand, but this silly one I took with my phone’s toy camera application best embodied everything to me. Half blue-raspberry, half strawberry is AM’s choice of flavor combos at Jerry’s. She was eating one side at a time so her tongue would be blue part of the time, and red part of the time.

This was. Oh. Just one of the best days of the year. Anna Marie and I make quite the duo. We really know how to paint the town red. And even paint it blue raspberry, too.

Day 17/365 – I love waist level finders!

Just like day 16/365, this is one of those posts that falls under the category of “camera stuff” and would be well-suited to a more detailed essay on Shoot With Personality (and I’ll likely write a more detailed account of this stuff on there soon.) But I love camera stuff so much that I’m sure there will be lots of “Amanda Loves” days dedicated to various pieces of camera equipment.

Today is about how much I love waist-level viewfinders in cameras. Even you non-camera folks know about putting your eye up to the little window on the back of cameras, squinting your eye, and taking the picture. Well, cameras with waist-level viewfinders don’t need you to put them up to your eye or squint to take the picture. As the name indicates, the camera is held at your waist, you look down into it, focus the camera, and compose the picture that way. I looooove this. I’ve got a few cameras that have these sorts of viewfinders (like the Yashica twin lens camera I used for today’s photo.) And another type of camera I’m in love with also is used this way.

Just like I said in 16/365, I feel just a bit cooler when I use equipment like this. Photographers even seem to get more notice from random humans we encounter in life while using funky looking light meters and holding cameras at our waists while taking photos. I reckon it’s because everyone is so accustomed to seeing the sterile digital cameras being used all over the place these days. Equipment like this makes a person stand out. While shy violets like me are just appalled at getting unwanted attention from strangers just because we bust a move with camera stuff not often seen in the digital age, I guess it’s just part and parcel of using equipment from a time gone by…

Day 16/365 – I love my Soviet-era camera equipment!

In the spotlight today: My Leningrad 4 light meter.

With the resurgence of Lomo in my life, I decided to pull out the Leningrad meter to use with my cameras that don’t have built-in meters. I feel so cool when I use a piece of equipment like this. Sure,  maybe it’s not the most accurate meter in the world, but who cares? It has awesome kitch value for me, between the fact that it just looks vintage and the name of the meter is written in Cyrillic on both the meter and the leatherette case in which it is housed. I feel especially awesome when taking photos in a public place with equipment like the Leningrad 4 meter. It has a neck strap, and I’m sure people think I look SO pro when I’m using it to meter shots. They don’t know that I paid like $5 for it years ago and that its exposure readings off by a substantial amount!

And, for goodness sake, please glance at the manual for this thing if you have a chance. I quote from it’s strangely worded English translations “to avoid errors in determining the shutter speed by the reflected light method at nature shooting, it is advisable that the meter window should be inclined somewhat towards the ground.”