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Day 357/365 – I love my new “hipster cam”!

That’s what I’m calling this camera, as it’s from Urban Outfitters and probably tied up with the Lomographic Society somehow. While I would NEVER pay $48 for a Holga camera [the original selling price at Urban Outfitters for this model,] I did think the clearance price of $20 might make the investment worth my while. I even already thought of a photography project to do with this Holga 135. So, while part of me feels like “Oh my gosh, I’ve just made an official step towards hipster-dom,” another part of me says, “I’ve been shooting Holga since 2000*, so maybe I can have a little fun with this model, too.”

I’m sure you can watch Shoot With Personality for any results that I get from this camera…

*In case you were wondering, pointing out that you’ve been into a current trend WAY longer than other people is an official “hipster move.” I might be having to come to terms with who I am, if I find that many of my ways line up with hipster-dom…if I get an ironic mustache tattooed on my forefinger, you’ll know I’ve had some sort of identity crisis…


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