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Day 356/365 – I love my sister’s purse!

I thought it was apropos to post a photo of my sister’s beautiful red purse, since another purse of hers was the original inspiration for this Project 365 [and by “purse of hers,” I mean “her purse, which I ganked…”]

It’s not often that my sister feels as if a purse is calling her name [unlike our mother, the purse maven!] So, when I heard that she had seen and felt a soul connection with this purse, I did not take it lightly. I was so glad when Mom told me that she and I were going to get this purse for Melissa. I have to say: this purse is poppin’! And even though red purses [and shoes] are my favorite, I haven’t yet stolen this purse from my sister. Maybe one day though!


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