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Day 351/365 – I love the necklace Clark got for me!

I have some pretty big changes coming up, including, but not limited to leaving Memphis* for a bit, to spend some time with my family and work on exploring what I might be able to accomplish if I tried to build up some freelance photography work (speaking of which, did you know I am a photographer for hire? heh heh…)

But on to the point of this post: My dear friend Clark told me he was getting me a little pressie that goes along with my upcoming endeavors. I asked him if it a squeegee and bottle of Windex, in case I ended up washing windshields in Midtown for a living. I never got a definitive answer to this question. Hmph.

As it turns out, Clark’s surprise for me was this sweet necklace! And it is just PERFECT! My heart is warmed and, honestly, it just means so much to me because I am virtually biting my nails over what the future holds for me. I feel like this pendant : me :: Kat’s pie pendant : her [I threw in an SAT-style analogy for you guys, because I like ’em…] What I mean by that is: it’s just right.

I wanted to publicly thank Clark for giving this to me. Thank you, Clark! I love it!

*Don’t worry. Although I am moving to Mississippi for a bit, I happen to be an expert at being both Memphis-based AND a resident of Mississippi. That may not make much sense, but trust me: It’s a special talent of mine…I am not out of you folks’ lives just yet!



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