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Day 349/365 – I loved Good Friday!

Good Friday was a good day, fo sho.

This is one of those “Day in the Life” posts of mine…

It began with my sister, brother-in-law, niece [who was playing  hooky from school!], Clark, and I having a wonderful lunch at Soul Fish here in Cooper-Young.  Melissa and Jason had never been there before, and AM had been wanting to us all to go there together ever since she and I went last summer. We looooove that place!

Clark had to bid us adieu after lunch, so we were just “us four and no more” for the rest of the afternoon. The photo above was taken at our second stop: Yolo, Midtown. This is one of AM’s very favorite places to visit in Memphis, and she was keen to take her dad there for the first time. She knows how much he loves his sweets!

The third stop on our Good Friday Tour of Awesomeness was Burke’s Books. AM needed to spend a gift certificate I’d gotten her for Valentine’s Day. AM is such an avid reader [perhaps we’ll take about that in future edition of “Amanda Loves”…] and always gets so much bang for her buck at Burke’s. Going to Burke’s was another “first” for Jason, and I’m thinking he enjoyed it because he didn’t exactly leave there empty handed himself.

Bonus shot: AM outside Burke’s, with the bounty of books she purchased!

I parted ways with my family after we’d finished up at Burke’s. I mentioned that I was going to Lit, and asked Jason if he needed anything for an upcoming catering event. He said “Probably…” in his usual, VAGUE way. And that was that! I went on down to Lit, and my family went on back to Mississippi! And I was thrilled to bits with how well our day together had gone.

When I arrived at Lit, I was walking around the place, turned around, and I saw a very familiar little red-haired girl…What a wonderful surprise! Running into my family, after I thought our day together had drawn to a close! Of course, it was no surprise to Jason that we’d ran into each other, since he knew that we’d all be there at the same time. That didn’t mean the rest of it didn’t enjoy unexpectedly crossing paths though!

What a good good GOOD Friday it was!


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