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Day 336/365 – I loved finding this copy of Little Toot at work!

I haven’t ever read Little Toot, but it is still a childhood favorite.

That’s because the story of Little Toot was part of a collection of musical shorts made by Disney called Melody Time. This program was one we Raneys watched over and over as it was aired on The Disney Channel when we were growing up.

I was cleaning up the dining room at work late on 336/365, and was feeling quite tired from the volume of traffic we’d received that day. When I was putting away books and magazines that customers had been using whilst sitting in the shop, I found this book on one of the tables in the dining area. You don’t know what good it did my spirits to see Little Toot. All those warm memories of Melody Time came back to me, and pretty much dissolved the stress I’d been feeling.

I’m very thankful that I ran across this book that night. It warmed my heart so very much.


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