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Day 334/365 – I loved the “miracle duckie” at work!

Have you gathered yet by reading this blog that I’m an extremely silly person?

On 334/365, I was at work and one of the bakers, Chris, was making red velvets on the kitchen island behind me. I had been folding bakery boxes during that time. When I went to move the boxes over to the shelf where they belong, I saw this splotch of red dye on one: and it was formed PERFECTLY into the shape of a duck! Even with the “beak” being slightly lighter in contrast to the rest of the duck. I felt as excited as people who think they see Jesus in their toast! We all got a big kick out of the appearance of the “miracle duckie” because it was so close to Easter. I was showing it off to everyone!

It was very silly but very fun for me!


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