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Day 333/365 – I love the blooming wisteria in the Springtime!

I actually took this photo on color film, but the lab accidentally scanned it as black and white. Rather than have it scanned again, I decided to just go with it! I consider it to be a “happy accident…”

Since I moved into the NY Street apartment, I have been smitten with the wisteria in bloom each spring. I didn’t grow up around wisteria, and don’t remember seeing it until I moved to South Carolina for a period in 2002-2003. I think it’s so beautiful though. Fortunately for me, there is a lot of it growing in Cooper-Young and even growing in front of the house where I live! That’s where this photo of wisteria was taken.  I came home from work on 333/365, saw how lovely the wisteria looked in the waning light, and snapped a few shots of it on that very windy day. The soft lighting, the color of the wisteria petals swaying in the breeze: they made an impression on me on 333/365.


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