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Day 331/365 – I love the Reindeer Cake at Muddy’s!

I hope you won’t file this post under “intolerable cruelty” when you realize that I’m bringing to your attention a cake that is only available during the month of December at Muddy’s. However, I just HAD to bring this gem out of the “silent months” and tell you about this cake.

Let’s see…Dark gingerbread cake? Rich caramel icing? Um, YES PLEASE! What’s not to love???

I began working at Muddy’s in the holiday season of ’09, and Reindeer Cake was one of my first loves there. In fact, I worked Christmas Eve ’09 and was happily taking home a couple of Reindeer Cake slices after the shop closed that day. I was never more heartbroken than when I realized I’d left my cake slices outside in the rain before I drove home to Mississippi to be with my family! And knowing it would be a full year before this cake would again light up my life/taste buds was gut-wrenching! I think I tried to tell my fam about this amazing cake, but there was no way to truly convey the deliciousness of Reindeer Cake until a year had passed, it appeared on the menu again, and I was able to say “See, what did I tell ya??”

(I have it on good authority that Thomas, Kat’s fella and the brain behind Eat Local Memphis , was the inspiration for this particular flavor combo. If you run into him, I think he deserves a hand shake or a solid high five once you’ve tried and fallen in love with Reindeer Cake!)


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