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Day 316/365 – I love the way my Lomo rendered this photo of Rachel!

Phew! That title seems kinda verbose. And I don’t usually just say “I love a so-and-so” photo on this blog, rather than saying I love the person or thing in the photo. But I looked at the shots I took on 316/365, and this one just stuck out to me. Rachel’s expression is great, but what’s also incredible is that my Lomo LC-A’s lens rendered this photo so sharp in just the right places. People who don’t know much about “toy cameras” (which I only marginally consider the LC-A to be) don’t know that they’re not exactly known for making reliably sharp photos. Once in awhile though, they surprise you and impress the heck outta you (or surprise me and impress the heck outta me.)  This photo did just that. I’d like to pat that Lomo on the back for this photo. You know, proverbially speaking…


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