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Day 315/365 -I love this Baker’s Choice cake!

There is something called “Bakers’ Choice” at Muddy’s, where the bakers are allowed to make cakes and such to sell by the slice that aren’t necessarily on the menu. This can lead to some pretty tasty flavor combinations, but moreover, it can lead to some pretty funny cake names. Like one time, Kip was icing a cake for the case, and Kat asked him what kind of cake it was. He responded with, “It’s your MOM cake!” (we are smart alecs at the bakery…) Sure nuff, Kip actually wrote the cakes name as the “Your Mom Cake” and we sold it to our customers.

On 315/365, I came into work and there was something called the “Papa Smurf Cake” that our baker, Bill, had put together as “Bakers’ Choice.” When I read the description of the cake written by Bill, I got a big kick out of it. Nicely done, Bill, with the old school Smurf references. People under the age of 30 were probably very confused.


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