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Day 310/365 – I loved having AM on her first day of Spring Break!

Like any school kid, AM had been looking forward to Spring Break – big time! But I also was looking forward to it, because I knew that my work schedule would allow me to take her for an “Anna Marie/Aunt Manda Day.” It was, sadly, a rainy first day of Spring Break, but we made the most of it.

AM and I had planned some things that were contingent upon good weather, but she very maturely suggested we go to a movie instead when it turned rainy out. So I took her to lunch, took her to see Rango, and ventured into Memphis for one of AM’s favorite things to do with me – Jerry’s Sno Cones.

She had only been to Jerry’s twice before, but AM remembered that she wanted half blue raspberry and half strawberry, which is what she got. She had to eat her sno cone in the car because it was still raining, but she didn’t seem to mind at all! I, however, suddenly realized that none of the day’s events really lent themselves to photographic documentation, so I pulled over and took photos of AM with her sno cone. And that was that! I had some official documentation of our day. It officially brought the Spring Break ’11 edition of “Anna Marie/Aunt Manda Day” to an end. I can safely say “it was a good one!”


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