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Day 307/365 – I loved this “prom proposal” at the bakery!

People use baked goods to celebrate all sorts of special occasions in their lives. Babies, wedding, birthdays – you name it. Muddy’s has helped in some marriage proposals in its day, too.  There was a new one on us the other day though: a prom proposal. I got to work, and was told that there was a young man who wanted to ask a girl to prom and wanted to use our cupcakes to do so. We were informed about when they’d be coming in, what he wanted to use for “proposal” and how we would help him pull it off: They were going to a movie that  night. He called that day to have the bakers write “PROM?” on some cupcakes. He planned on stealing away before they headed over to the bakery,  using that time to call the bake shop to let us know they were on their way and to let us know what he was wearing so we’d know which couple to present with the cupcakes. He planned to have his girl order the cupcakes she wanted, then when they went to check out at the register, we’d present the plate with his invitation to the prom on it. The plan went off without a hitch, and the girl was completely surprised!

And she said “yes,” of course!


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