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Day 306/365 – I love my vintage tripod!

I will be honest with you: I hadn’t thought of this tripod for quite some time, until I ran across it in the attic. But when I did, I immediately knew it had to become the subject of an “Amanda Loves.”

I bought this aluminum tripod off the internet many years ago – I’d say ’99 or 2000. I was drawn to the fact that it disassembled and stored neatly in a tube, not to mention that it’s vintage. I recently found this online, which seems to point to the tripod being from the late 40s. When I remembered that I owned this piece of photographic miscellany, I got very happy and put it to use with the Contax 645 I was borrowing. That camera is no featherweight, and the Tikern held it up, no problem. Then I just unscrewed the legs from the tripod base and put it away in its tube for storage. Gotta love it.


The tube the tripod in which the tripod is stored:



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