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Day 305/365 – I love taking pictures of Grant during meals!

I have actually featured a photo of Grant at a shared meal in the past, though he was not specifically the subject of that post. He is in this post, however.

Firstly, I want to say a word about Grant that isn’t necessarily directly related to this posting, but is something which I’d like you to know (even if it is non sequitur…) Grant is very often told he is “just like Michael Cera.” He gets it all the time. This comparison is not based on a physical resemblance, but on his personality seeming so similar to how Michael Cera comes across in most of his roles. It’s not contrived whatsoever. As I’ve told him, it’s not unusual for humans to have similar personalities to one another.

So let me explain what I mean by the title of this post. It’s the “secondly” to the “firstly” in the above paragraph: Whenever I’m sitting near Grant during lunch or dinner, I like to snap a photo of him. Even when he knows I’m taking the picture, he doesn’t ham it up. He is just himself. It comes across as a quiet dignity in photos of him, and I like that a lot.


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