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Day 303/365 – I love my niece’s love for Star Wars!

This seemed as good a time as any to showcase my niece’s love for Star Wars. My awesome co-worker Nicci knew how much Anna Marie loves Star Wars and gave me this shirt for AM. AM loved it, and she immediately put it on. For once, AM didn’t mind when I said we needed to take pictures, probably because it was to show off one of her favorite things ever: Star Wars! I sweetened the deal by telling her she could use her light sabers (she has TWO!!)

I can’t really pinpoint when my niece began loving Star Wars. I just know that as early as two years ago (when she was in 1st grade) I asked to take her photos and she wanted them to be like characters in an online Star Wars she had been playing on Cartoon Network’s site. I’ve been amazed by her knowledge of all things Star Wars, and really happy to indulge her in this particular interest of hers. Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, what have you – I usually slip something related to her favorite thing into special occasions with AM.

Bonus: I’d bought Anna Marie a C-3PO and gave it to her the same day 🙂

(I was so happy to that AM was thrilled with the shirt Nicci’d given her. AM didn’t take it off that afternoon after she’d tried it on, and even had me leave the shirt out that night so her Mom would let her wear it to school the next day!)


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  1. AND she had her spring pictures made in it that day, too! Her love for Star Wars immortalized!

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