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Day 300/365* – I love this Stormtrooper jacket!

Pretty early in the day today, a customer came into Muddy’s wearing this Adidas jacket with a Stormtrooper fully covering the back. We discussed his jacket a little, and how we feel that being into Star Wars really doesn’t place people on the fringes of society anymore (you know, how it used to be considered “nerdy” by some to be a Star Wars devotee, from my understanding…)  I told the customer, “Well, I’m pretty much going to have to take a picture of your jacket.” He was totally down for this, and I’m glad he obliged me. I knew our resident and self-proclaimed “Star Wars Nerds” at Muddy’s would dig this jacket, plus I needed to show it to my niece**. 

*300 days?! Only 65 left. Yikes!
**We’ll talk about her “thing” for Star Wars in an episode of  “Amanda Loves” some other day.


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