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Day 287/365 – I love that Anna Marie learned to SNAP!

When Anna Marie was younger, she used to get sooooo frustrated when she wanted to do something but didn’t know how.  Among those frustrations was her inability to snap. AM had a theory though: Once she started kindergarten, she’d learn how to snap there. She thought the same of learning to whistle, I believe. Unfortunately, beginning kindergarten didn’t automatically bestow new finger-snapping skills on AM, as she had once believed. I hadn’t heard anything about the matter in quite some time, seeing as AM is currently in 3rd grade and has left her idyllic pre-kindergarten days behind her . But imagine my delight  when I was lunching with Mom and AM, and I was presented AM’s new-found snapping abilities.

I’m sure her Gramma will be finding a place for AM’s snapping skillz on Gramma’s next album.



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