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Day 282/365 – I love “Amanda Loves”: Valentine’s Edition, Part II!

I got SO excited when I figured out that I’d actually get TWO Valentine’s Days during “Amanda Loves,” thanks to sending the project into extra innings after the “silent months.”

My niece will always be my #1 Valentine. You know that. And this Valentine’s with her was just ideal. I made mini, vegan heart-shaped brownies for her (and Mallory!) and put together a little gift bag for her with toys and candy. I was able to meet up with my parents and AM while my mom was at the doctor. It was supposed to be a surprise, but apparently my brother-in-law told AM that I was coming (she said “he told me the WHOLE THING.”) I went to the doctor’s office to “surprise” AM. When I opened the door, AM was sitting across from the it, playing games on my mom’s phone. She saw me, handed dad the phone, and started walking to the door, without a word. My dad couldn’t see me from where he was sitting, and didn’t know why AM was just walking towards the door. He said “Where are you going??” I stuck my head through the door and said, “With me!”

AM prefers to be outside whenever possible, so she and I walked around in the beautiful weather while waiting on Mom to get out of her doctor’s appointment. It was such a sweet afternoon together.


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