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Day 278/365 – I loved making cupcakes for Anna Marie’s class!

Anna Marie’s 3rd grade class was having a Valentine’s party the Friday before the actual holiday. As fate would have it, Anna Marie was assigned cupcakes as part of her contribution to the party’s food. She told my sister (her mom) that she sure hoped I would be able to get cupcakes for her. So AM and I had a little discussion about what would make good “Valentine-y” cupcakes. I suggested red velvet might work well. She agreed, and requested that the cupcakes have white icing and pink hearts on top. I thought we’d made a good creative team on this Valentine’s-inspired collaboration.

Right before the party, I was at home with the family because there was a snow storm and, well, that’s just where I go when such things happen! My sister told me not to trouble myself, since the snow storm had put a wrench in the plans I had to make the cupcakes at my own apartment and then bring them to The Kid. She said she’d just buy some cupcakes from the supermarket. AS IF! Even though I had none of my baking ingredients or icing tips at my mom’s house, I decided I’d just do whatever it took to make this happen. I persevered, made a trip to the grocery store, gathered all the ingredients, and made cupcakes per baby girl’s specifications. And I’m truly thrilled with the result. AM had a big grin on her face when her mom and I delivered the cupcakes to the school that day. That made the whole thing worthwhile.


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