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Day 266/365 – I love this “Chocolate Drama” cake!

“Chocolate Drama” is what I decided this cake was – moist chocolate cake, covered in chocolate buttercream,  with chocolate ganache poured over the whole thing. It was my brothers’ 29th birthday – they’re fraternal twins – and I made this cake for Jeremy, since Jonathan lives all way in Montana. Jeremy looooooooves chocolate. To the point where I’ve seen him eat gooey brownies, fresh from the oven, wash it down with chocolate milk, feel completely sick afterwards, but sick in that really content food coma sort of way. Normally, when I pour ganache on top of a cake, I let it drizzle down the sides a little. Since Jeremy loves chocolate so much though, I just said “What the heck. I’m going to pour the chocolate sauce on top and let it go wherever.” Quite a dramatic effect, I thought.

Let’s just say this cake was well appreciated by all who attended the birthday dinner.

And yes, it’s vegan.


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