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Day 264/365 – I loved this cake that was born from my love for Lea and Kathleen!

“Thank goodness I underexposed the film shots from 264/365 because it gave me an excuse to use this “Amanda Loves” saved-up photo instead.”

Sometimes, I say “funny story” before I tell you about a photo I’ve taken. This time, I’m going to say “long story…we’ll see if I can make it short.”

One day in the autumn, I got really excited because I was set to go on a photo excursion with Lea and Kathleen. They were leaving pretty early in the morning, in relation to how late I’d worked the night before. I set my alarm…and it didn’t go off! I was crushed when I woke to find a million missed calls and texts from the girls, trying to get me to wake up so I could go with them to have adventures in photography. I felt so awful…so I made them a cake! I made a mini vegan almond cake while the girls were up taking pictures in some part of Tennessee, and had it ready for them when they got back that evening. I hoped hoped hoped it’d help make up for the fact that I accidentally didn’t go with them, as I’d promised to do. I try to be a woman of my word, so I when it doesn’t work, I’ll try to make up for it by hook or by crook. We ate this cake and it was yummy, and the girls are still friends with me, so I think it kinda worked!


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