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Day 259/365 –  I love my mean muggin niece!

Day 259/365 was one of the perfect Sundays with which I’ve been blessed lately. I had kept my camera in its bag, despite all the things which I could have photographed that Sunday. That’s because I didn’t want to get caught up in photography instead of fulling experiencing my day, as is sometimes the case if I’m not careful. I’d been to Veritas in the morning, visited most of my family in the afternoon because my cousin and his wife were in town from New Hampshire, and I got to take AM to dinner and to her new house that night. Since it was the first time I’d been with my niece in her family’s new house, I thought I better bring out the camera. AM had just gotten a used copy of NBA Live 2008, and started playing it when I took her home that night. She’s not too keen on photography getting in the way of us playing together, so I told her to give me her “game face” so she’d let me take her picture. The above shot was the result of my photographic directive to AM.  In other words: don’t go toe-to-toe with AM in a game because she will TAKE YOU DOWN! Her mean muggin really does the trick!

Bonus throwback shot: AM on the from the day her family moved into the house which they just moved out of,  back in 2004. Feel free to die of cuteness now. Or from the heartbreak of how fast kids grow up…


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