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Day 249/365 – I loved this “invigorating” morning!

This photo is the closet thing I could show  to represent the “invigorating” morning of which I speak. As is made obvious by the above photo, it was a few days after we’d had our little snow storm. I was having to hitch a ride to work with the bakery’s van driver that day. We had a little “miscommuncation” about where I was to meet Mark so I could catch a ride to the bakery with him. I was happily walking down Young towards Cooper, in 18 degree weather, snapped this photo, and got a phone call from Mark that he was meeting me on the other end of Young. My walk towards Cooper became a job towards East Parkway. I’m not exactly used sprinting down the street, much less in such cold temperatures, but I have to say that once I regained my breath, I felt…invigorated!


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