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Day 245/365 – I loved playing with Anna Marie in the initial dusting* of snow!

When I found out it was going to snow that weekend, I made a beeline for Mississippi. I couldn’t think of a better place to be snowed in than with Anna Marie at my parents’ house. Once it started sleeting that first afternoon, I knew I’d made the right choice. It was slow at first, but I could tell in my heart of hearts that it was going to be a real, live snowstorm [relatively speaking, you know, what’s considered a snowstorm in the Mid-South…] I even started getting AM packed up for an overnight stay at Gramma and Papa’s before we’d gotten official word from the school that they would be closed the next day. That’s called “faith,” folks.

Like I said, the “winter precipitation” was slow, but steady, so AM and I went out and played a bit in the early evening. She was building up little piles of snow to make them seem more substantial. Little did we know the extent of what we’d wake up to the next morning…

*not to be confused with the final snowfall amount, which shall be discussed in the next posting…


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