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Day 231/365 – I love starting new chapters in my life!

Say “hello” to Panda. I like to say that Panda is my “new-to-me” dog. “New-to-me” because she is nearly two years old but has, since she was a pup, lived as my friend Ashley’s pet. Through a series of events, Ashley needed to place Panda in a new home. I gave it a lot of thought, and asked if I might take Panda in with me.

I have never had a proper, indoor dog before Panda entered the scene. There’s been a lot I haven’t known about having a pet live with me in this way, a lot of adjustments in my day-to-day life, a lot of new mother-ish phone calls to my mom, and a very steep learning curve. However, I take it day by day, walk by walk, and I think Panda and I are really getting somewhere. It’s a new chapter of my life, indeed.*

*One in which I’m awakened daily by a dog licking my feet!


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