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Day 227/365 – I loved “Gordons to the rescue!”

I know this picture looks bobo, BUT, it was because the lens fogged up when I went outside and took it:

Guess what? I put in a day’s work on 227/365, went to start my car for the drive home, and it wouldn’t crank! I went inside to tell my colleagues what was up/get out of the heat to phone my dad (the mechanic.) I told Kat and Kip that my car was deady-dead-dead-dead, and they immediately sprang to action! I had jumper cables in the trunk, and the Gordons weren’t ABOUT to let me have a dead car (particularly on the night when I was to meet my new dog!) And, I am so very grateful to this set of power-siblings who happen to be my bosses, for helping me get to my next destination (at which my car broke down again, my sister and brother-in-law came to my aid, and then took me to meet Panda-the-dog. More to come on THAT…)

Thanks, Gordons!


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  1. Huzzah!

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