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Day 219/365 – I love Nicci for coining the phrase “solitary Kip-finement”!

This photo was actually taken the day before, but the birthday card Meredith sent me superseded this photo being posted.

I was at the register at work that day, Nicci scurries up to me and says, “Bring your camera. Now!” I grabbed my camera, went to the back and found the above scene. It was definitely amusing to go back to the Muddy’s dish washing room and see this happening, but the best part for me was Nicci’s description of the occurrence as Kip in “solitary Kip-finement.” I laughed. A lot.



  1. Ha! This is almost exactly like a photo Mom took of me the first time the ac broke (two years ago). I was in a skirt and wig and curled into the crawl space and same thing… she was like DON’T MOVE. I adore this photo.

  2. I am not sure Kip realized I was taking it whilst talking to him that day… 🙂

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