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Day 213/365 – I love making my own birthday cake!

Some people think it’s odd that I make my own birthday cake most years upon the anniversary of my birth. However, I LOVE doing it! Firstly, I get exactly the type of cake I want (even if it’s cupcakes some years.) Secondly, I can write whatever the heck I want on top of the cake! This year, I wrote “Amanda is the!” Because I could. And because “the” has made it’s way into my vernacular since I began working at Muddy’s (I think its origins around the bake shop can be traced back to  Thomas…)

In case you were wondering, my birthday was quite nice. I worked all day, Kat and Kip made me a birthday hat to wear for the last hour of my shift, I had birthday dinner with my family at my favorite pizza place, and ate too much of my birthday cake. I relaxed in my old bedroom at my parents’ house that night, watching a movie that I knew would make me “birthday happy.” NO complaints about this year’s birthday!

Aaaaaand, a bonus:

Another example of a birthday cake I made myself, in 2007


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  1. love the I am Awesome one. XD

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