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Day 205/365 – I loved going bowling with the boys! (one last time, before Ty moved and Drew got married!)

My friends used to go bowling most Thursday nights, at Billy Hardwick’s All-Star Lanes. It’s $5 certain nights a week, for shoe rental and as many rounds as you can fit in between 9 and midnight. Pretty sweet, eh?

I was so happy when Drew came back to Memphis for a short visit the week before his wedding. And bowling was a perfect chance to see him. Not to mention he’d brought our friend Don up to Memphis, whom I’d not seen in months. Of the people I have already mentioned in this posting, none of them are in this photo though. Adam is the one in this picture. We were on an end lane, and Adam pointed out that here was a ramp leading down to an employees only door, that might make for some cool low-angle shots of them bowling. It did, for sure, until security came and made me stop doing it! I wasn’t a menace to society or endangering anyone, but I didn’t put up a fight. At least I got SOME good shots!


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