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Day 204/365 – I loved seeing Back to the Future at the Orpheum!

I always forget about the Orpheum’s Summer Movie Series until the very end of the summer, and then kick myself in the pants for not having made it out to any of the movies. This summer was pretty much the same thing – except I remembered about the summer movies at the Orpheum towards the end of the summer and actually got to see a movie there. And, while not an old black and white movie like I saw last time I was able to attend a movie at the Orpheum, but it was something equally cool, in a different sort of way….


I wanted to go so badly when I found out that it was playing on a night I was off from work. I put out some feelers, and Lea and Sunny went with me! I guess I should’ve somehow taken a picture of something related to Back to the Future or of Lea and Sunny, but the above photo is one I took outside of the theatre before we went into the box office. And I like it, and it still gave me the chance to talk about the totally awesome night we went to see Back to the Future! It was SOOOOOO fun!


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