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Day 203/365 – I love Kathleen! (aka Warren*!)

Whew! I found this never-before-published photo of Kathleen, from the Sock Flop and thought it was too cute to NOT work in here on “Amanda Loves!” (not to mention that Kathleen is pretty swell, in general.)

Kathleen is a friend of Muddy’s thanks to the wonderful Lea and now a friend of mine. She is a photographer, like Lea and I are, brought me my bike the day it came to live with me. She even let me do laundry in the basement of the house she and Lea share with a coupla friends. And loves Lea a lot, which I like. And is smart and likes my my wicked sense of humor. Yay!

*Inside Muddy’s joke. We’ll explain if you ask, so you don’t feel out of the loop!

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