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Day 200/365 – I loved meeting Cassie!

As you might be able to tell by my Epic, Three Part Wedding Photography Blog about Dan and Megan’s wedding, there were just too many photos to talk about and show on teh internets. That’s why I can’t help going back from time to time and pulling a shot for “Amanda Loves”, from those wondrous three days I spent in Florida back in May.

This photo is among those that I felt needed to be pulled from the depths and shared with you folks. This is Cassie, one of the best friends of the bride, Megan. I said (and meant) that I fell for Megan upon our first meeting. Basically as I was hugging Megan “hello”, Cassie appeared, was introduced as the “best friend” and I said “Oh, you are SO the best friend type, Cassie!” I seriously feel like most girls have a best friend like Cassie. The kooky sidekick (I know I have my own kooky sidekicks, and play the part of kooky sidekick to others, I’m sure.) Cassie tried to look goofy in most photos I took of her that weekend (or even in the backgrounds of photos I was taking of other people), but it just didn’t work: she’s too purdy! And I felt like this photo captured both her purdiness and her silliness, perfectly.


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