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Day 191/365 – I loved installing my bike’s basket!

If you remember the first day I met my bike, there was a wicker basket on front. It looked so perfect, and was part of what made me fall for the bike. But that basket was my darling girl Lea’s, and it had to stay with her when she sold the bike to me. Let’s face it, in WHAT world was I NOT going to have a wicker basket on the front of my vintage-style cruiser?! I have to have SOMEWHERE to keep a camera and a boxed of baked goods for delivery to friends in the neighborhood, after all.

So, I set out to find a basket similar to the one Lea had on the bike when I first met it. I had a bit of trouble finding a wicker one at first, and thought the white, metal one I found initially would’ve looked cute on front. But I didn’t want to settle if wicker was what I wanted. I eventually found one, and (unlike Lea’s version), it had to be installed (rather than being secured on with leather straps, which Lea’s does.) It required using Allen wrenches and everything! I toiled and sweated (a little, it was July in Memphis, after all!), and installed my sweet-A wicker basket! And it is removable, so we can go on a bike ride, put food in my basket, and remove the basket to take on a picnic! (or so the little instruction booklet’s photos would have me to believe.)

Here’s to installing hardware on my bike myself!


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