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Day 188/365 – I loved “Anna Marie/Aunt Manda Day!” (July ’10 edition)

Anna Marie/Aunt Manda Days are my absolute FAVORITES!

The most current edition of the AM/Aunt M day included (but wasn’t limited to):

  • Lunch at Soul Fish Cafe!
  • Burke’s Books!
  • The Pink Palace!
  • Target for snacks!
  • Swimming at Mallory’s!
  • Jerry’s Sno Cones!
  • Home!

And, trust me, there are PUH-LENTY photos of this day together because I had my faithful Nikon film body in hand, but this silly one I took with my phone’s toy camera application best embodied everything to me. Half blue-raspberry, half strawberry is AM’s choice of flavor combos at Jerry’s. She was eating one side at a time so her tongue would be blue part of the time, and red part of the time.

This was. Oh. Just one of the best days of the year. Anna Marie and I make quite the duo. We really know how to paint the town red. And even paint it blue raspberry, too.



  1. Very colourful!

    • Thanks! I was just bummed because I definitely could’ve gotten this type of effect from film if I’d had the right kind with me. argh!

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