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Day 181/365 – I love the fact that I finally hung up my red paper lantern!

If you’ve read very many of the “Amanda Loves” posts, you’ve maybe noticed: it doesn’t take much at all to make me happy. Or at least it doesn’t take make much for me to feel “well chuffed” (as the Brits would say) with myself.

Por ejemplo.

My mom got me this red paper lantern a couple of months back. I admit that I let it roll around in the back seat of my car for awhile before I even brought up to the apartment. And even a little longer before I managed to put it up. When I finally did, I have to say, I was SO pleased with myself! Wasn’t too much effort involved, just mostly the ability to balance on a stool whilst putting up the ribbon on which the lantern now hangs.

For days afterwards, I would just look over at the lantern hanging in the corner and thought, in the words of my cousin-in-law, “If I could, I would reach around and pat myself on the back!”


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