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Day 180/365 – I love Rio Lindo!

Maybe you’ve noticed a theme here: my family dines at Mexican restaurants A LOT. We tend to end up in different parts of the tri-state area pretty regularly, so we have our favorite Mexican (or, probably more accurately: Tex-Mex) spots in different parts of the region.

Rio Lindo is in Senatobia, where my family lives, and it’s our spot for good Tex-Mex dining in the fam’s current stomping grounds. I just love the place, and it’s very nearly the only place in town I’ll eat on my little visits down home. I like the atmosphere, I like the food, I like the owners (they’re so precious!) and I like that my parents both try to whip out Spanish phrases while ordering and interacting with the staff.

Mmmmm. All this talk makes me wants some nachos from Rio Lindo!


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