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Day 164/365 – I loooooove when something you’ve been visualizing comes to fruition!

I’ll admit that it may seem more than a little cheesy, but some of us in my family like to have a visualization aid to go along with achieving a particular goal or even purchasing a particular item that we REALLY want. Like having a concrete reminder on a daily basis, being able to see that thing which you’re working toward.

I’d say it’s been more than a year and a half since I clipped this out of a Wal-Mart ad. I don’t really shop at Wal-Mart, but I saw this bike and fell in love. I put the clipping on my mirror, where I have things like photos of dear friends and family. Now, it’s not that I hadn’t had the amount needed to buy the bike multiple times while I had that clipping up, but I just didn’t always choose to, or have the ability to, put the money towards the bike.

I had received a bonus at work, and I told my mom that I really wanted to purchase the blue cruiser I’d had tacked onto my mirror for so long. This spring, Lea bought the same bike I’d been “visualizing” all this time. I started asking her how she liked it, had she been able to ride it much, etc. Turned out that she had just decided that she would like to sell that bike to get one which would better suit the sorts of rides she a her friends go on. She wondered would I like to buy hers, since I was planning on buying the exact same bike anyway.

That led to my going to “kick the tires” of the bike. As I said in that day’s posting, I LOVED the bike when I finally laid eyes on it in the flesh (er, so to speak.) I agreed to buy it, and the deal was made.

I had to patiently wait a few days until we could get the bike out of Kathleen’s apartment and into my hands. And by “patiently”, I mean “those few days felt like an eternity and I was tweeting every day that I wished I could get the bike IMMEDIATELY if not sooner!” Kathleen’s a real champ (and one heck of a good friend, I might add), and managed to get my bike into her car and brought it to me on Lea’s behalf! Yay for Kathleen!

I limped the (rather heavy) bike up my stairs so I could take some photos of it in my apartment. Finally. Finally. I was able to pull the ad clipping off my mirror because I had the real thing sitting in my kitchen. Then, though I had to be at work a little later, I was so excited that I took my film to be developed right away.

It’s a good day when you can take down your visualization aid, crumple up that piece of paper, toss it in the trash, and take the real thing out for a ride around your block.


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  1. Love it!! I had no clue that you had pined for that bicycle for so long. And it’s the same one too!! Hooray!!

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