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Does this space look like a ghost town lately? Yes. I’m sorry, ya’ll. When I went to Florida for the wonderful Megan and Dan’s wedding late last month, I took A LOT of photos. In recent weeks, I have divided my time between my full time job and editing wedding photos for that ever-patient couple. Now that I’m able to put aside a part of my daily photographic efforts for “Amanda Loves” again, I am having to try to sort out which day I took which photo. I’ve been shooting a ton of film lately, and am loving that these delays in being able to post same-day photos here is allowing me to share film photos on “Amanda Loves.” Slowing down the pace of the project somewhat, along with incorporating film into this project, feels right at the moment. I’m still taking pictures every day, but, you know, not so worried if it is a few days before the shots make it up here.

So. I’m at the point now where I’m trying to sort things out, chill out and use cheat days when I can’t figure things out, and will have things back on track very shortly! Cross my heart!


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