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Day 161/365 – I LOOOOOOOOVED meeting my new bike!

Oh my gosh, ya’ll. I rarely let anything unlovable into the “Amanda Loves” project, but I will tell you something about 161/365, to give you some context.

The air conditioner went out at the bakery where I work.

It was 95 degrees in there.

We barely survived.

I was drained of life.


I met my bike.

Lea had a bike. I went to look at said bike because I was interested in purchasing it. Love at first sight? Yes.

I had been giving Lea a hard time about allowing me to test drive the bike, how did I know it wasn’t a lemon, could I get a CarFax on it?

I got my test drive on 161/365. We went to Kathleen’s apartment, where the bike was being stored at the moment. I liked the looks of the bike, it suited my style, I thought I might like to have it.

The test drive was to take place in the parking lot of Kathleen’s apartment building. It actually began in the long hallway of her art deco building, when I exited Kathleen’s apartment, wobbled down the hallway on the bike, and rode it right into the little elevator.

I hit the parking lot and hit my stride. Glee! The short cruise around the parking lot instantly put the life back in me that had been drained out by the events of the day.

The bike HAD to be mine.

More to come…


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  1. […] led to my going to “kick the tires” of the bike. As I said in that day’s posting, I LOVED the bike when I finally laid eyes on it […]

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