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Day 137/365 – I loved seeing Mallory on her birthday!

Okay, this is not a photo of Mallory, it is a photo of her birthday cake (obv!) I made Mallory a chai latte cake with cinnamon icing because she looooooves chai. She came by to see me for a couple of hours and get her mini-cake. It was so nice! I wish I’d photographed her, because she looked so pretty, and the lighting was really perfect in my apartment. But, as I’ve expressed before, I’m trying to learn to put the camera down and just live in the moment.Yay for Mallory and yay for her birthday!

This is the shining example of why I photograph baked goods as soon as they’re finished: in case something disastrous happens to it before it’s delivered to the recipient. I put the top on the carrier I was using to transport the cake, and it smushed the letters on “Happy Birthday!” I was so bummed, but knew Mallory would still eat the cake. I just showed her the pre-smushed photo of the cake when she came by, said “this is what your cake was SUPPOSED to look like!” and it was all good!


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