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Day 135/365 – I love nights with friends, on a front porch!

Okay, another day that I apparently only took photos with my camera phone (I had my real camera with me that night, but didn’t want to be less present in the experience because I was fixated on taking photos -that happens to us photogs sometimes, you know.) So the quality on this isn’t super high, but…

135/365 was Drewb’s next-to-last day living in Memphis. A handful of us gathered at Drew and Adam’s house that night, and just hung out for awhile on their porch.  And this photo was taken at a really funny moment, where Adam had just been told a story by Ty that blew his mind (about a show that our friends’ band had played years ago, and it turns out Ty’s band was involved in that show as well – small, small world!)

I love nights like that.


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