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Day 132/365 – I love doing favors for “Future Amanda”!

Well the only photo I could find that I had taken on 133/365 was this one I took with my phone’s camera, of my dishes. I have talked about learning not to procrastinate before, yeah? I have been trying to cut out procrastination more lately. I am now taking a tip from my boss, Kat. One night at work, she said she tries to do things to help out “Future Kat.” For instance, when I am working the night shift and will be working the morning shift the next day, I try to find ways to help “Future Amanda.” Even at home now, I’m applying that principle. I made sure I did my dishes on 133/365 before I went to bed, so that in the morning, Future Amanda wouldn’t get up and have to do them before my morning shift at work. It really bums me to wake up to a sink full of dirty dishes, so I’m making a point more and more of doing them the night before. And still looking, on a daily basis, for more ways to help Future Amanda…


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