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Day 131/365 – I love my new black flats!

So on Mother’s Day, I went shopping with my sister and niece. I found some shoes I wanted but didn’t know whether I should go with the brown pair or black pair, as I could use both colors,  in all reality. I was going over my choices with my sister, and she said “Why don’t you get Anna Marie to use her scientifically proven method of picking things to help you?” I thought “WHOA! Does my niece have a sixth sense that I don’t know about, that causes her to be able to pick which color shoes I should buy AND which horse will win a race?! Do I need to take her with me to place a few bets?!” Melissa called Anna Marie over, explained that I needed her scientifically proven method to help me pick which color shoes I needed. Anna Marie grinned and I thought “Here we go. Her sixth sense is going to kick in now!” Without another word, Anna Marie starts “Eenie meenie miney mo” and went through the most extensive version of this “method” I have ever heard! And finally landed upon the black pair of shoes.


Despite this being the second posting about shoes in the past couple of weeks, I PROMISE I am not a shoes wh*re. However, I love flats and happened to badly need two pairs lately. K?!  </defensive rant>


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