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Day 124/365 – I love loaning my “Narnia” books to Anna Marie!

I only got my set of Chronicles of Narnia books maybe three or four years back. My mom found them for me at a yard sale for $1, I think. Other than reading “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” in 8th grade,  I didn’t get ’round to reading the rest of them until around two years, when the new Prince Caspian movie was being released. I loooooved the books. My niece is an avid reader and a recent fan of Narnia, thanks to watching both of the most recent movies. I told Anna Marie that I had the entire series and asked if she would like for me to bring my set to her dad at his job one week. She didn’t forget this, and had my sister ask me specifically the day before I’d normally see my brother-in-law if I would bring the books with me.

I did so, and sent her a note about which ones I loved best. I just KNOW she is going to adore Narnia and, let’s be honest: she will likely end up being gifted with my set of those books. It’s like I told her when she was a baby: “As long as I’ve got a biscuit, you’ve got a biscuit.”


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